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The giant ear of corn at the closing ceremony

Out goes the torch

Beijing's turn at hosting the Olympic Games came to an end last night with a spectacular closing ceremony that, like the opening ceremony, featured a huge cast, people suspended in mid-air, pop stars singing songs of love and friendship, and lots of fireworks.

How did the night of the 25th compare to the 8th? Chris Waugh at the bezdomny ex patria blog writes:

It was spectacular, in some ways even more so than the opening ceremony. Actually, I couldn’t help but wonder if Zhang Yimou had gotten the inspiration by dropping a shitload of acid and spent three days straight reading Dr Seuss and watching Tim Burton films.

That was just the Chinese segment; London, which will host the Games in 2012, was given eight minutes to show its stuff, which turned out to be a flip-top double-decker bus, Jimmy Page rocking "Whole Lotta Love," and David Beckam....kicking a soccer ball.

So there was a lot to enjoy, but like the opening ceremony, there was a lot to complain about, if you so desired.

He Dong, an entertainment reporter and host of a Phoenix TV interview show, cared neither for the ceremony nor the breathless reporter who called him up for his thoughts on the subject. His account of the conversation is pretty entertaining, particularly the dig he gets in at the sartorial taste of a certain members of the leadership.

Superlatives at this closing ceremony

by He Dong

After watching a bit of the closing ceremony, I got a little dazed, and I was almost put into a trance by my mother's steady snoring that accompanied the television.

I continued to watch, going into a stupor.

When the ceremony was drawing to a close, my mobile phone suddenly rang....

I answered it. It was someone in the media, who asked excitedly, "Did you watch the closing ceremony?"

"Hmm....," I rubbed my eyes and tried to wake up. "I'm watching it now. Why?"

"I'd like to interview you right now. OK?"

"No problem."

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