2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Beijing 2008: China’s Ten Commandments for a Civilized Olympics

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With less than 8 months until the opening ceremony, Beijingers no longer need to worry about how to behave during the Olympic Games. Construction sites all over the city have been wrapped with a new advertising campaign aiming to educate the locals about the “Olympic 10 Dos and Don’ts”.

The campaign consists of 10 signs, each featuring an introductory call to “Welcome the Olympics, Study the legislation of the 10 dos and don’ts” (迎奥运 学法律 十要十不要) followed by instructive duos such as “Respect Olympic Intellectual Property / Don’t trade in counterfeit goods”, “Save the beauty of the city and its surroundings / Don’t spit anywhere”, and – naturally – “Promote the awareness of the Olympic regulations / Don’t break the law with disregard to the broader impact ”.

The campaign, published by the Local Judicial Authorities (区司法局), is the largest the city has seen since last year’s “Safari” campaign to welcome delegates of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

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did u see Beijing traffic, it's terrible, i guess in Olympics beijing residences are going to have extra holidays, no work, stay at home watching TV please , or leave beijing please, we have a big show here

Yes. It's goign to be interesting to see how things work out in August. The more I think about it, the more it seems like a good idea to spend the Olympics in the Maldives or some other tropical island.

Let's all admit our inability to follow these commandments and just be sinners.
Billy Joel once said, "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the Saints"...Not sure why a boy from New Jersey would like a New Orleans football team.

now in china, the enrollment for the bj, tianjin, qingdao, hk, etc (u no, the host cities) have started to select volunteers and u know what, it's so complicated. in our uni, we got 2 rounds and in tianjin, we got several other rounds, including english paper and oral exams and talent show, or other things. and during the talent show part, i do some tai chi, ha. amazing, huh.

i even think it's not the olympic volunteer program enrollment, it's just like a talent show or speaking contest or chinese idol...

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