2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Olympic themed 10 yuan notes


The People's Bank of China announced yesterday that it would release a special commerative Olympic ten yuan bank note, starting tomorrow. 

According to a report on Sohu.com, the bank notes will have the same value as normal ten yuan notes.

The new notes feature an illustration of the Bird's Nest on the front and of the ancient Greek statue of a discus thrower on the back.


The Sohu article lists eight anti-counterfeiting featues of the new notes, including watermarks, special printing etc.

The People's Bank of China will print 6 million of the commemorative bank notes.

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The big question is, how many of those notes will actually get into circulation? I'm sure a large share of those will be put aside as collector's items. I'd certainly hold onto one if I got it.

i think this worth to do for, especially for the world games.

Question 1: will they work in the newly installed machines in the subway station?

Question 2: how long will it take for taxi drivers to accept them? (as memory serves, there was a learning curve when the current batch of notes hit the streets)

This sets a new precedent for printing money without Mao Zedong, who appears to have been replaced above the year 2008 by legendary Chinese table tennis champion Zhuang Zedong.

Global Voices has an article about the design of this note; apparently there was a big fuss over a printing error involving the Temple of Heaven background behind the Bird's Nest stadium. I didn't see it until today when I clicked on the NOlympic T-shirt link on Danwei and glanced at recent articles on that site.


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