2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Postal restrictions

The Hindu reports:

China imposes curbs on mail service

China's postal service has suspended mailing of parcels with sealed liquids and powder as part of ramped up security measures for the Beijing Olympics.

The new step from June 1 to October 31 was to tighten security ahead of and during the Games in August, a State Post Bureau spokesman said.

Chemical products, powder goods, unidentified metal and mechanical and electrical products, sealed containers with unidentified gas or liquid are also banned from delivery, state-run Xinhua news agency said.

A safety certificate from local public security authorities is required to be produced by those having the necessity to mail parcels with the listed items, it said.

Beijing Postal bureau said last month that it would step up inspections of parcels being sent to Olympics host cities, including Shenyang, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai and Qinhuangdao...

...The head of Interpol Ronald Noble warned in Beijing recently that an attempted act of terrorism was a "real possibility" and China must be prepared for a possible strike by Al Qaeda or some other terrorist group during the Olympics.

New Danwei cohort Lydia Wallace today tried to mail a laptop to a friend in another city. She was told: "Come back after October"; the restrictions seem to be in force already.

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Comments on Postal restrictions

Actually, restrictions have been in place for at least a month at the Jianguomenwai 'International' post office. I have sent a few parcels in the last month and whereas in the past I've actually been able to show up with a sealed package and pop it in the mail for overseas delivery, I must now go through the nonsense of showing the peons what I am sending to ensure there are no liquids or presumably explosives (as if they'd be able to identify explosives!). And I have been informed by staff at the same location that all items are going through x-ray examination before being loaded onto a plane and that due to this overseas delivery will take up to twice as long as usual. I only wish I could jump into a time machine and set the date to Oct. 1. Sigh.

security theater comes to china

I have sent a parcel to Chengdu, China via air parcel last May 13, 2008 it's almost 2 months now my consignee still waiting for the parcel because until now he did not received the parcel. The consignee is:
Mr. Hu Wei
Sichuan Chengdu
Chifan Daxue, Dong Qu
Wenli Xueyuan DM-06-02
Registry no.:RR-4113246PH

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