400 laowai to march on 798 Factory

On May 1, four hundred Westerners wearing traditional Chinese-blue factory worker suits will all walk together from the Lido Hotel to the Dashanzi 798 Factory District.

It's not a protest march, it's an art event called Short Step organized by Kilometer Zero, "an international collective of artists and writers who met in Paris, through George Whitman’s Shakespeare and Company bookstore in the year 2000"

For more information, check out Kilometer Zero's Short Step page.

While on the subject of marches, last weekend's protest activities have been documented and analyzed all over the Internets:

- Dan Washburn's Shanghai Diaries: 'A detailed instruction on the Protest Against Right Wing Japanese' including helpful advice like "If you are spotted throwing stuff at the consulate, smile at the policeman". There is also a post called Tens of thousands take to the streets of Shanghai, an eye-witness account of the march, with photos and video clips.

- Chinese photo blogger Mutou: Shanghai march photos.

- Andrés Gentry: Eye-witness account of the Shanghai demonstration, ending up at Hooters.

- China Herald: Who has been demonstrating in Shanghai?, including information from a police report which suggests that half of the protestors were actually plain clothes cops.

- T-Salon: Chinese Bloggers' Reactions on Recent Anti-Japan Protests.

- Justin Mitchell writing in Hong Kong's Standard newspaper: Shops shut as thousands vent fury in Shenzhen.

- Xinhua: Chinese in Vietnam stage anti-Japan demonstration.

- Simon World: Roundup of blog posts and online sources about China-Japan tensions.

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