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Infomercial: A Rolls Royce on your wrist

Rosdenton is the Rolls Royce of wrist-watches: even Rolex and Vacheron Constantin cannot match it. It is made with South African diamonds and a Swiss core and is totally original! In addition, its sapphire crystal and 316 steel are only found on Rolex and Omega!

This is one of a series of popular commercials broadcast on provincial TV stations. The ads hawk "luxury" goods, including diamonds and rubies. Here's a bit of their diamond advertisement:

The regular 2 carat diamond should cost more than 200,000 RMB, but our Eight Hearts and Arrows diamond costs just 998 RMB, and there are only 39 left!

We are the biggest diamond retailer in the world! And our diamonds are absolutely the cheapest in the world! I told you, we are not in this for money! If we put our products in the foreign market, they would be sold out even at more than 10 times the price. We do not need any advertisements at all!

The host who speaks with endless energy and emotion in this advertisement is Boss Hou (侯总) from Taiwan. He's become a popular TV shopping icon on the mainland. Lots of netizens talk about him as a joke figure on different BBS. This was the top story on the Tianya Club forums yesterday.

See Tudou for more Boss Hou videos.

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Comments on Infomercial: A Rolls Royce on your wrist

Completely trivial but I know Rolex uses a grade of stainless steel that is more robust and anti-corrosive than 316.

Luxury is good. Gaudy, flashy, pretentious and just plain crass is not.

I've seen Boss Hou on his watch direct sale tv commercials from time to time. He really is a great actor. He has taken with him a so-called diamond expert to help adverstising his Rosdenton. I must say Hou has carefully scripted his tv show without endangering themselves to the risk of practising phony advertising.
His focus is on the cutting and polishing technique of 'Eight Hearts and Arrows' on diamonds. And it's interpreted with the help of that 'diamond expert' whom looked quite innocent while Hou compared that with their 'crystal diamond', or ShuiJingZuan, which used the same cutting technique. He is silly, of course,to compare price of their 2 carat ShuiJingZuan with that of real Diamond, but he has never mentioned that theirs are real diamond. ;-)

Hahahahha......... I firmly believe this is a comedy show disguised as a TV shopping program! lol

Seriously, these guys should be taken away and charged for fraud, just by the way they talk. Can't believe anyone with any sense would buy into this sh*t. I knew pretty much all the TV shopping hosts were half fraudsters anyway but this one really takes the cake!

Bling *
--{ }---*Bling.*_...

I'm blind... ahhh

the guys is actually quite 'honest'. he said 水晶钻 (crystal diamond), which means 水晶 pretending to be 钻 -- i guess.

if that is the case, they don't even have to buy the raw materials, just go to car crash scenes to collect the broken glasses:)

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