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Blogger babe T-shirt endorsement


Xiaxue is a blogger in Singapore. She writes girly banter in Singapore English (lots of la's and wah's). Some of it is racy, such as the post excerpted below about how girls can measure penises using their hands:
*To the men who are feeling very upset about this gauging penis thing and are possibly thinking of emailing me saying, "would you like men to judge women by their boobs" etc, well, screw you.

Good sex is possible without big boobs but good sex ... is impossible without a at-least-decent dick. So its ok if we mind small dicks.

Xiaxue is now the brand ambassador of a Singapore T-shirt company called Localbrand.

- Xiaxue post about how to measure a penis (Use this link in China)
- Localbrand T-shirts

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