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The Chairman rocks the mic in Taizhou

Chairman Mao was featured on special National Day promotional posters outside of a karaoke parlor in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province.


Mic in hand, the Chairman is singing songs from a list of patriotic classics ranging from traditional tunes like "Today is Your Birthday, My Motherland," "I Love You, China," "Love China," and "Ode to the Motherland," to pop songs like Andy Lau's "The Chinese People," Zhang Mingmin's "My Chinese Heart," and Hou Dejian's "Descendants of the Dragon."

According to the China News Service:

"The poster went up on October 1, and was a way for us to celebrate the National Day. Chairman Mao isn't exaggerated in the poster, and there's nothing negative about it," said a manager at the 0576 Qianmen KTV. He said that the two posters were meant to stay up through all of Red October.

Businesses are prohibited from using the image of national leaders (present, retired, or deceased) on packaging or in advertising. Following complaints from Taizhou residents who felt offended by the posters, the local Bureau of Industry and Commerce ordered the KTV joint to take down the ad.

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