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Foreskin issues; Microsoft IE logo piracy

Is your foreskin too long?


Well, the Shanghai Hongqiao Hospital (not affiliated to the Hongqiao Airport) can help you out. They can also help you with a problem they call 'baojing' which I take to mean that the foreskin covers the penis in an unpleasant way. 'Baojing' could mean something else entirely: being of the race chosen for surgery-in-tender-places-at-a-young-age, what do I know from foreskins?

Shanghai-based blogger John Pasden (formerly of Hangzhou) has all the foreskin vocabulary in Mandarin, and also took the above photograph of the Shanghai Hongqiao Hospital billboard. Foreskin vocabulary and photo available here.

John also took this photo of a rip-off of Microsoft's IE logo on a billboard in Shanghai, put to service to advertise 3721:


3721 seems to be a company that is somehow connected with Chinese character URLs. This billboard's headline reads: "3721: Letting Chinese people use Chinese to get online."

John's site also hosts the most comprehensive list of China-related blogs in English. You can find the list here.

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