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"Grab the sofa" to win free furniture

This advertisement announcing a free furniture promotion appeared in The Beijing News today:

"Read blogs and snatch 400,000 yuan worth of free Boloni sofas" (click for full ad image).

The promotion is being held at "secret locations" in five Chinese cities this week. A Sina blog mentioned in the ad will have daily announcements of the specific address, and readers who are quickest to reply to the blog posts will win a free sofa.

The ad plays on the phrase 抢沙发 (lit. "snatch the sofa"), which in Chinese net-speak means to grab the first post in a comment thread. In tiny type at the top of the ad, one possible etymology is mentioned: a transcription of the English words "so fast."

There are currently 1 Comments for "Grab the sofa" to win free furniture.

Comments on "Grab the sofa" to win free furniture

Like Xu jinglei's ad for AMD.
To grab the sofa,a powerful proccessor is needed.

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