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Latte Town is where I want to be

Lulu Yan's November column in That's Beijing has a good bit about the strange naming tendencies of real estate developers:

"Whilst looking for an apartment, it has become clear to me that Beijing´s real estate developers are severely challenged in the English language department. Aside from the proliferation of New York place names - Manhattan Garden, Central Park, Upper East Side, Park Avenue and Soho to name just a few - there is an alarming tendency to just plain weirdness:

Yuppie International Garden
Top Aristocratic
Moma (as in New York´s Museum of Modern Art)
Vitality Building
Margarita Island
Genertime International Centre
Moderate Shangri-La
Gahood Garden
King Da International Apartments
Mega Hall
Wonderful Digital Jungle
A Firenze
Top Box
Palm Springs
Pink Box ER
Glory Vogue
American Rock
Latte Town

If all goes well however, I will file next month´s column from the apartment building with my favourite name: Merlin Champagne Town!"

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