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The luckiest moment before the Olympics

Seven times lucky

Omega reminds you that today marks 8,888,888 seconds before the Olympic Games. That's just under 103 days, for those of you keeping count in the more traditional manner.

This full-page ad, which features an engraving of the Bird's Nest, appeared on page 2 of today's Qingdao Morning Post.

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Coincidentally, that's also the price of the Omega Beijing 2008 Olympics Limited Edition Deluxe Special Timeless Time Masterpiece.

And just 887 more posts before I qualify for the chance to have one of my very own.

Too bad that it will be over in a second.

My luckiest moment was when NBC television wouldn't offer a contract for supplying people to work the Beijing Olympics. This almost two years ago!
Now, I'm so happy we won't be there!

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