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Tianjin: the heritage of a neglected city

Concession era Tinajin (image from Wikipedia)

The new issue of China Heritage Quarterly is online. The theme is the heritage of Tianjin, a port city with a fabulous and cosmopolitan history that is only half an hour away from Beijing on the new bullet train but which is neglected by tourists, scholars and business people.

Some of the highlights are:

Tianjin, a Permanent Expo of World Architecture and The ‘New I-Style Town’: From Italian concession to commercial attraction by Maurizio Marinelli;

Preserving Tianjin: Colonial-style houses and martial arts fiction by Chen Songchuan;

The ‘Tianjin Model’: a view from the grassroots about a group called ‘Volunteers for the Protection of Tianjin’s Architectural Heritage’ By Du Yu, translated by Daniel Sanderson;

Tianjin’s Western-Style Chinese Villa by Elizabeth LaCouture;

Draft Sketches from a Tientsin Journal (1980-82) by An Old Concessionaire by John Minford.

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