580 m Shanghai Dragon to be China's tallest skyscraper

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The new Shanghai Center—a 580 meter skyscraper—will begin construction this year according to reports in Chinese media. Nicknamed the Shanghai Dragon, the building's design by the architectural firm Gensler was selected in a competition, beating a design by Norman Foster's firm.

The Shanghai Dragon stands a small chance of being the tallest building in the world for a little while, unless Dubai's Burj building (636 m, under construction) is completed first. Dubai is also considering a proposal for a 1,200 meter tower of power called Al Burj, which also has a Chinese connection: the design is by Pei Partnership Architects, run by Chien Chung and Li Chung Pei, the sons of the renowned I. M. Pei.

The slightly more modest Shanghai Dragon, with 118 floors of steel, concrete and glass, will tower over the nearby Pudong landmarks Shanghai World Financial Center (492 m, under construction), Oriental Pearl TV Tower (468 m) and the Jinmao Tower (420.5 m), home of Shanghai's Hyatt Hotel.

Beijing's tallest building, currently nearing completion, is the China World Tower 3 at 330 meters, while Guangzhou will soon boast the 437.5 meter tall Guangzhou International Finance Center.

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Considering that the Shanghai Dragon has only just started construction it seems now that it will never be the tallest building in the world.

The Burj Dubai is scheduled for occupation (give or take a little) in September 2009 ; but has already passed 636 meters.

The problem with being the tallest is that someone will always try to build a taller building. Next goal: the first 1km tall building.

how can somebody want to build something so preposterously high? i mean, even with shanghai-level rents... wtf?! at that rate, if i was living next to that thing, i'd seriously wondering about moving away out of security concerns....

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