China World Phase 3

China World Trade Center Tower 3
Not too far away from the new CCTV building next to Beijing's East Third Ring Road, the third phase of the China World development is nearing completion.

When complete, at 330 meters tall, with 73 storeys and 300,000 square meters of floor space, it will be the tallest building in the capital. It was designed by the American firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) that has been around since 1936 and has some of the world's most spectacular skyscrapers to its credit, including Chicago's Sears Tower, and the Jin Mao tower in Shanghai.

No. 1 Rite Time Space bu Cang Xin

The image to the left of the new China World tower was taken by Beijing-based photographer Tom van Dillen, who shoots architecture, portraits, streetlife and urban renewal (stock) photos. He has published a bunch of images of the new tower, as well as the CCTV building, Bird's Nest and Water Cube Olympic venues, and the new Beijing airport on his Flickr page.

There's an upcoming exhibition at Mook Gallery in Beijing's 798 art area of etchings and other works by Cang Xin, a performance artist who thankfully seems to have given up licking the floors of galleries and gone back to the old-fashioned arts. The charcoal etching reproduced here reminded your correspondent of the new China World tower.

The exhibition starts on March 6. Call 1324 195 7250 for details.

Below is a panorama of the area around the China World Tower, from Toomanytribbles' Flickr page. The China World Tower is the building on the far left.


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Impressive! who is the developer?

The engineering company is Arup, the owner / developer is a China World Trade Center Company which is owned a commercial entity belonging to the Beijing city government and by the Kuok family controlled Kerry Group. The Kerry Group also owns the Shangri-La Hotel chain (of which the China World Hotel and nearby Kerry Centre Hotel are members, the South China Morning Post, and a bunch of companies that do everything from logistics to data transmission to trade in commodities.

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