A famous painting recreated in clay

Yanzhao Evening News, July 16, 2010

Have you ever looked at the painting "Along the River During the Qingming Festival" (清明上河图) and wondered what it would be like to stroll with the crowds among the buildings lining the river?

A rural entrepreneur in Tangshan's Fengrun District has. In 2008, Qin Shiping (秦仕平) began recreating Zhang Zeduan's famous painting in clay at 2/3 life-size, and has completed about 40% of what will eventually cover an area 300 meters long and 60 meters wide.

The image on the front page of today's Yanzhao Evening News is credited to Xinhua, which has a gallery of seven recent photos, but this is not the first time the paper has covered Qin's project. It first broke the story last December, and subsequent reporting revealed that Qin had invested 10 million RMB in the project, which is expected to be completed sometime in 2011.

Coincidentally, today's Qianjiang Evening News also reported on a reinterpretation of "Along the River," this time by a nine-year-old girl from Hangzhou. Qian Yutong created the drawing for a children's art competition in the city.

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