Black Shanzhai village near Beijing


In the last few months, the word "shanzhai" (山寨) has lept from obscurity to become one of the most common buzz words on the Chinese Internet and the subject of many blog posts and articles in the Western media.


Literally meaning "fortified mountain village", the word's connotations of being outside the law led to its use to describe pirate products, knock-offs and home-made imitations. Although "shanzhai" usually connotes low quality, the word is also used favorably to describe a certain rebellious and creative spirit.

Over Spring Festival, your correspondent stumbled on a village in Huairou County, Beijing called "Heishanzhai" or Black Shanzhai. The village has a donkey meat factory (billboard pictured) where you can buy Black Shanzhai Donkey Meat.

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...which is in fact just dark grey horse meat branded with a donkey logo and "beijing 2008".

Would anyone actually trust that donkey meat? It could very well be horse instead.

Very nice find, Jeremy. Did you really just arrive in that town and realize what fate had handed you?

Donkey ain't bad at all. It has an unusual color, not sure if horsemeat could be substituted.

LACJ: Yes, just stumbled on the village on the way to somewhere else.

Chinamatt: Horses are more expensive than donkeys so I don't think they would sell horse meat.

I love donkey meat. It's hard to find in the south.

I'm not sure if anyone'll get this comment, but I'm in Beijing and looking to look around... How does one get to this place?

One could try buying a map.

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