Traveling lady boy

Time was, not too long ago, when it was difficult to buy a decent cup of coffee in Beijing. Now that there are soy milk decaf latte's available on every second street corner, it seems natural that other types of minority taste are equally well catered for in China's capital.

Thanks to the classified section on local entertainment mag City Weekend's website, Beijing residents can relax in the knowledge that traveling pre-op transsexuals from the Philippines are just a phone call away:

Hi gentlemen! So finally you've found me, the Asias best Shemale/Ladyboy... full pre-op transsexual model!...

...I'm waiting for you, kisses AnGeL xxxxxxx

The screen shot shows AnGel's ad taking pride of place amongst the most viewed entries on City Weekend's website. AnGel's ad is here or you might prefer to visit her own website. If this type of thing interests you, you may also like the rest of City Weekend's 'Other' personals, That's Beijing's 'Other' personals, or the cesspool of Craiglist's Beijing site.

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Comments on Traveling lady boy

Eewuu, where are China's Web "harmonizers" when you need them?

It seems there is something new every year in China. First it was jissbon, then it was durex, now there are Trojans in Beijing. This alone should be used to put China's development in perspective by the 国家统计局.

Beijing friends claimed to be shocked at one of my photos

but in light of this post, I think they were pretending.

whoa, prostitutes have websites now!? i guess it could be categorized as "social networking"...

Ahem: 'massage', 'freelancers', multi-city agency, but I never saw a tranny hooker website before.

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