Umbrella men

Found via Shanghaiist, this is a hilarious video of CNN correspondent John Vause trying to film in Beijing yesterday and being obstructed by men wielding umbrellas.

Update: More "umbrella men" appeared in the BBC's report about Tiananmen today, from the same link on the Shanghaiist.

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Could have used a larger umbrella, something like this:

Is it me or is CNN the only news outlet getting hammered? I've seen a few live reports from Tiananmen now and most just get turned away but they seem to target CNN for some reason.

At least they filmed something and allowed to keep the recording, unlike other medias who left the square with only one or two photos.



I had a weird experience in Tiananmen yesterday 3rd. Is it possible that there are some plainclothes police that is foreigner and woman? Someone came to me and my friend and started to ask questions, not too many but very well "positioned" questions... Of course I tried to answer as much as well positioned as her. It let me a strange feeling, and a thinking of being entering in a paranoiac state of mind?

Imagine if the American govt employed agents to obstruct foreign reporters, like the Chinese (or local) govt did here. No, in a free country, you can't imagine that, can you?

Hilarious! This is all I can say!



I thought perhaps some musical accompaniment would be nice.

so they actually thinking umbrella could conceal the truth?



LMAO. If this were true, some bureaucrats in NSB obviously have a sense of humor.

Non-violent, effective and annoying like hell; who says there's no progress?

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