Adult video star Aoi Sola writes to China fans on blog


Update 2010.06.18: Aoi Sola finally makes it to China. Her arrival at the airport was much documented. Her blog writes of her arrival on June 17 (translated automatically into Japanese), and since her arrival she has already appeared in cosplay costumes on the gaming show ChinaJoy.

Japanese adult video star Aoi Sola (苍井空) has been on the minds of Chinese netizens, lately more than ever, because her Twitter account was discovered by Chinese users a few days ago, causing a new wave of interest. Twitter which is blocked in China. Aoi's "follows" soared by the thousands as she replied via Twitter and thanked her Chinese fans (see earlier Danwei story).

On April 15, Aoi updated her Chinese blog with a piece for her Chinese fans, translated by a "friend from the Internet:"

To all Aoi fans in China
Hello everyone, I am Aoi Sola. If you don't mind, you can call me "Xiao Kong" (小空: Sola, そら is written as Kong in Chinese).

First of all I need to thank the fans who have tweeted about me on Twitter, as well as those who visited my blog. Thank you for all your support.

Usually I update my personal blog in Chinese by using a translation tool (often Chinese netizens tell me that the Chinese reads weirdly). So this time I asked a netizen to help me translate this into Chinese, in order to express my thanks to all my Chinese fans in a clearer way.

The "Twitter incident" has caused reverberations in China and Japan. Speaking truthfully, this was a little unexpected, even for me.

Speaking "without modesty," I know that there are some Aoi fans in Asia. But when I directly faced the figures on Twitter, I could hardly hide my surprise. Thanks everybody for tweeting about me.

Recently, I've been learning English on and off, sometimes I would use English when I'm tweeting. But learning a foreign language is so hard. It seems that going to an English Language School might be better for me, what can I do - English is the international language after all.

I also tried to learn some basic Chinese (for example, "What would you like to drink 想喝点什么," "I know some basic Mandarin 我会说一些简单的普通话," "Are you Chinese? 你是中国人吗?"). Because I listened to a CD, I can only talk, not read or write. If I have the opportunity to lean Chinese properly I will, because "Xiao Kong" has so many Aoi fans in China.

We can communicate in this way over the mountains and seas - times really have changed. I'm feeling old (laughs). Though I can't reply to everyone who has tweeted about me, I will continue to pay attention to the people who are posting about it.

I hope that everyone will continue to follow my normal life through Twitter and my blog. I am a little worried about how I am perceived in the eyes of my Chinese fans. I want to announce first that after you have read these portals, your idea of "Xiao Kong" may be damaged, so you need to prepare yourself mentally. (Laughs)

As for "Xiao Kong," rumors about her don't end, at any point endless sadness and pain can suddenly arrive. Even if I went to the other side of the sea, this would not change. But, every time I think about Aoi fans abroad and their support, I am comforted. "Comfort," maybe happiness is the right word. Really, thank you everyone.

It's been 9 years since I first stepped out, I feel very lucky to have persisted for so long, and to have so many fans. I feel my hard work hasn't been wasted. Thank you for your support over the years. At the same time, I hope everyone will support me like they always have, and care about me, whether it's AV actress Aoi Sola, or that ordinary person who exists in real life - "Xiao Kong."

When will I be able to meet my Chinese fans? To hold a fan club meeting in China? It sounds like a good idea, and worthy of my anticipation! When the time comes, remember to come and show your support!

Thank you. (I wrote this myself, in Japanese)

*Aoi Sola*

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Comments on Adult video star Aoi Sola writes to China fans on blog

What's with this coverage of the AV bimbo? Is Danwei trying--perhaps successfully--to compete with ChinaSmack?
Not a welcome development.

A Japanese that all Chinese "netizens" can agree is no Guizi.

Dear Nicholas,

If you track the trajectory of my posts, apart from Aoi Sola, I don't think I've done anything else that's as "chinaSMACK," if that's what you mean.

Another query, why would Danwei be paralleled with chinaSMACK anyway? Am I missing the other similarities that are so obvious between the two sites?

And what's wrong with that aspect of culture? I for one like sexy girls

Your "trajectory of posts" being so different is what occasioned my remark. That is, your posts have been refreshingly devoid of any attention and presentation of AV or AV-ian. As for the question of "paralleling" the two: that does not seem to me a serious question. In other words, you can answer that yourself just as well as I can.
You like sexy girls. Fine, but perhaps you can exhaust your onanism at other sites. Then, when that's done, come to Danwei for some analysis. Perhaps Danwei can remain a site in which fake tits are not dangled? To discuss some AV figure for "cultural" reasons. Fine. But to show pictures of her. What cultural insight did you derive from seeing her picture at Danwei?

Nicholas: Pornography is the main reason given for China's system of blocks, filters, and censorship of web content. The fact that so many Chinese Internet users were able to find ways around the blocks to visit a foreign website that hosted information about a porn star (and how did they hear about her in the first place, if her work is supposed to be unavailable on the mainland?) was the explicit focus of the first piece. Other angles mentioned in the piece included the full-page newspaper article addressing a blocked web technology and an AV actress, which is something unusual in the mainland media, and the interesting result of using machine translation to communicate.

Although we haven't held your hand in this post, it's not hard to see that it is notable as an attempt by a foreign celebrity to establish a conversation with a group of admirers on the mainland who are ostensibly prevented from joining in the world community of her fans.

This is not new material for Danwei. Before we grew too jaded by it, we used to run a "Skinhua" feature that called attention to risque photo galleries on state-run media websites as a way of pointing out the inconsistent way in which China administers online content. Chinese Internet authorities control access to various types of content, and as Chinese media watchers, it interests us when Chinese audiences manage to find ways of consuming that content anyway.

What you have written is a compelling vindication. I can now retract my objection.
Thank you for the response. And I look forward to the continuation of useful commentary and analysis at Danwei.

Nicholas wrote:
"You like sexy girls. Fine, but perhaps you can exhaust your onanism at other sites."

OK, I'm willing. Perhaps you can suggest some. What are the really good ones in your experience?

Those tits are all-natural, Nicholas. Shame on you for suggesting otherwise.

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