Bitching about expatriate men of China

Here's a newish blog: China Dirt. It seems to be written by a few Western women who are living in China and finding the expatriate men a little tiresome.

It describes itself thusly:


Could the men living in China get any more retarded? Here are the horror stories from the front lines.

Update:From the comments, Peking Man was one of the expatriate men written about. He has a different take on things.

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Is anyone surprised? Western women don't find the antics of western men in China nearly as interesting or entertaining since they experienced all of that in high school and college.

The local girls find expat men's antics a refreshing change from the local fare.

How tiresome. Western expat women bitching about Western expat men, primarily because the men would rather date/fuck the local girls, who don't have the same RAH RAH I DO WHAT I WANT AND YOU DO WHAT I WANT AND FUCK YOU post-feminist bullshit attitude. Plus most expat women are fucking hogs that couldn't get dick back home, and don't want dick from the minimally-endowed locals. Meanwhile the men are generally dodgy at best, but don't face the same unwillingness to taste the local produce.

tl;dr: Someone call the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahmbulance.

With all due respect to Ousted, who seems an entirely charming and gifted conversationalist, it's difficult for me to connect his assessment to the March 6 entry on Fuck!, linked below:

This entry centers around an issue that is also at the core of the Sophia Coppola underground hit "Lost in Translation": namely, where and how one locates oneself in one's life.

In the movie, two lost people encounter one another, and in one another see some kind of alternative to their lives. At the end of the movie, they continue as they were at the beginning: the man back to the banalities of his domestic and work situations, the woman back to aimless wandering in Tokyo. So far as I can tell, the ending is left intentionally ambiguous: something was shared, but so what? It's a question the viewer is left to consider.

In the blog entry, an office worker meets a traveller whom she sees as an alternative to what she dislikes about her life. At first, she thinks he is above it. Then, she realizes that he simply avoids the problems she resents having to deal with. She remains where she was, but understands it differently.

I think the author could have put herself under closer examination (e.g. she could have examined the extent to which she enabled the man to continue to live the obligations that come with commitments, or how much her interest in him was also escapist, etc.), but the point of the blog is to provide women an outlet, not engage in meticulous self-examination.

Hello Ousted. This topic always brings out the best in people....

Sorry. I'm not sure how it happened, but the word 'without' is somehow missing from my comment above.

The section in parentheses in the last sentence should read: "continue to live without the obligations that come with commitments", which is probably better rephrased as just "continue to avoid commitments".

Best wishes for the new blog!

One Schadenfreude for me thanks waiter, hold the irony.

Oh, and give me a side of groan-inducing bad writing, while you're down there...

Since I found out about this China Dirt blog here -- and they seem to be talking about me -- I guess I should also notify of my response here.

Ha ha Peking Man, I like it. Is it going to be blog bitching about expatriate women of Beijing? We need one.

I blogged about it over at my place. Ousted is the Whine patrol. There are plenty of men avialable if they would compromise a bit....(and maybe put out once in while....)

I wish I could call the whine patrol every time my western date whines about the lack of TiVo. Expat men are booooring!

It sounds like the reverse of the asian fetish thing happening in the west. Now you know how a chinese man is treated in the west. Sorry, cant really do anything about it! Just gotta put up with it!

expat men aren't more scumbaggy than the non-international variety, they can just get away with it and have you ever seen a good looking expat women that wasn't married, with someone or a total bitch?

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