Shi Feng on education and the Internet in China

This video is the seventh in a Danwei series of short interviews conducted at this year's Chinese blogger conference (cnbloggercon 2008, Guangzhou, November 15 & 16th).

In this interview, Shi Feng (石峰), a drop out from one of China's most prestigious universities turned blogger, talks about the growing rift between education and social needs / society in China, and calls for everyone to participate in a transformation of China's education system.

This video is also available on Tudou for faster loading in China.

To see other interviews from this series, link here.

Filming, editing, and interviewing: Adam J. Schokora
Subtitles: Alice Liu
Music: B6

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Comments on Shi Feng on education and the Internet in China

sorry, this comment is not related to this post.

i just want to let you know, for the first time, just now, i had to use jump over the great firewall of china to get to danwei.

Dear Gao Zhi,

We had some server issues at the end of this week but it seems that is working fine now without needing to climb the wall.

Was it really not working?


Great job on this interview, this is an important topic.

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