Model Worker addendum

The Porcelain Temple Award
Danwei's list of blogs and websites about China — the Model Worker's Awards, English and Chinese divisions — was published last week.

As readers have reminded us, there were some omissions, notably literary translation blog Paper Republic, history blog Frog in a Well, and Josh's blog at China Expat which covers current events and life in Beijing. There are some other recommendations in the comments to the Model Workers posts linked above; we will update the list of websites after a few weeks, so please add any websites that you think are missing.

At this time we would also like to present a special Porcelain Temple Award to Kenneth Tan, one of the newer contributors to the city blog Shanghaiist. In all seriousness, he has been posting regularly about news that no one else if finding, and translating some of the more interesting stuff on the Chinese Internet. But we single him out today for his excellent contribution to the toilet sector, for the posts Shanghai artist's Nike poo, and especially for the video displayed at this page: New bidet that doubles as enema and colon cleanser.

Warning, do not watch that bidet video before a meal.

Thanks to Li Xuanxuan of Standards Group for the image.

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