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When Danwei launched in 2003, you could read everything that English-language blogs about China had to offer over your lunch break and still have time for for a quick nap. That hasn't been the case for several years now, and as the number and scope of China-related blogs has grown, it's become difficult to keep tabs on all of them.

Danwei's Olympic Model Worker Awards represent our best efforts to list our favorite Chinese blogs and English blogs about China. However, in the scramble to be ready before 8:08 pm on 2008.08.08, we left a few excellent blogs and websites off our list.

The ones we forgot to add:

* Somehow we left James Fallows off the list. Fallows is a correspondent for The Atlantic and has written some informative articles on China for that magazine. His blog is a mix of astute social commentary, wonky tech stuff, and photos of Beijing's air quality.

* Perhaps because he does not update very often, we also overlooked Andrew Lih's fine blog on Wikipedia issues, the Great Firewall, and other China and Web2.0-related things, but he is nonetheless a regular read for us.

* At This is China, Bill Dodson writes entertaining and informative accounts of doing business in Suzhou and more far-flung areas of the country.

Other newer blogs that we like:

* Quirky Beijing: Anecdotes of life in the capital.

* CNReviews: Views on China and the Chinese Internet by a crew of young tech entrepreneurs.

* Stupid Pig's China Blog: A Cantonese-Chinese-American English trainer blogs about current events.

* chinaSMACK: Strange stuff people are talking about on Chinese online forums; this site translates BBS threads on the latest memes and hot topics.

* Too Many Tribbles: Atheism and photography of Olympic venues and Beijing architecture; see also her Flickr page.

* China Environmental Law: Regular updates about environmental and energy regulations and policies in China.

Others interesting blogs that were brought up in the comments to the Model Workers post and in emails to Danwei:

* China Hearsay: Stan Abrams blogs about Chinese law. This blog comes highly-recommended by the China Law Blog, which tends to link to major posts on China Hearsay.

* The China Vortex: Paul Denglinger blogs about tech business and the Internet in China.

* China Sourcing: Business in China, labor issues, product sourcing, manufacturing, business legal issues; it's a little dry but has plenty of useful information and links.

* China Success Stories: Aggregated content about business and business people in China.

* China Dreamblogue: Stories of life in China as part of an effort to help people realize their dreams through expanded educational opportunities. Proceeds go to charity. Co-founded by Lonnie Hodge, a fixture of the expat blog community who maintains One Man Bandwidth.

* The Foreign Expert: "China news, translations, and media," reads the tagline. This new blog translates commentary from China's online BBSs and the mainstream press. It also runs a roundup of the week's top stories.

* All Roads Lead to China: Strategy, business, sourcing and the China market.

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Comments on Olympic Model Worker updates

Appreciate the mention from the venerable Danwei. Thanks for being a model for the rest of us workers!

Interesting that the one blog got 3 mentions in the comments and still wasn't put up.

All such a beauty contest in the end as many of the blogs are simply ranting on China like its a blood sport.

Perhaps that is why you don't have Charlie's blog, or any of Rich's, or even Devonshire's?

Like them or not, their sites provide a lot of great content, and it is really a poor showing on Danwei that none of them made it up there

The blog that was mentioned three times -- -- was meant to be in this list, I have now added it. Who are Rich and Devonshire?

I should also add that Danwei's choices are neither democratic nor intended to be fair. They reflect the editor's own tastes.

Good to See Charlie made it.

Devonshire is the infamous Chris Devonshire, and he supports the China Briefing magazine. Ego aside, it is good content on regulatory side of China. No commentary, so maybe that doesn't make him a blog

All Roads Lead to China and Crossroads are written by Rich Brubaker. Grammar and spelling aside, his coverage on Crossroads is the best CSR/ environmental stuff around, and his coverage on All Roads is pretty comprehensive as well..

I guess it is up to the editorial jury to decide from there...

Thanks very much for the mention, as quirkyBeijing is a relatively new pet project of mine, I feel honoured to be on this list.

Thanks for putting me on the list. I guess now I have more pressure to write...

Thanks for noticing The Foreign Expert and for linking to the Phelps joke today. It's really encouraging for all of us, seeing our work get so much attention.

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