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The hydra-like blogger C. Custer

The Danwei Model Worker Award is granted by Danwei editors to blogs that we feel are especially worth reading. See the full list for more fascinating material.

C. Custer has been blogging about China and translating Chinese Internet writings into English for several years. In the last few months, his output has started to rival Roland Soong of ESWN who has been at the top of every single Danwei Model Workers list since the first one in 2005.

Custer's writings appear on ChinaSmack, China / Divide (which he co-founded) and on his original blog at China Geeks.

Judging by quantity, his favorite Chinese online writers are bad boy novelist and racing car driver Han Han, and artist cum activist Ai Weiwei, but his prolific output of perceptive essays, commentary and translations of other Chinese writers cover a wide range of China-related subjects.

Below is a sample of his work:

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His (C. Custer) uninformed statements on Tibet undermines his credibility as a source, so I stopped visiting this website.

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