The world may not be flat...

... but something is
In November last year, Danwei published a short post titled Chinese journalists tire of Thomas Friedman. Someobody named Fifi just left a comment on that post:
Friedman and his flat earth theory has one major flaw, the world is only flat for the rich. If you are poor you cannot simply cross a border and work for more money because all the work is going to places where the cost is lowest.

A previous comment by Cestmoi points to a fascinating article about globalization in The Financial Times by Richard Tomkins called Profits of doom. This is the penultimate paragraph of the article, quoting Richard Freeman, a Harvard labour economist:

"So there will be winners and losers. The bad news is that you, the ordinary, middle-class employees of the west, will be losers and everybody else will be winners. But the good news is, your sacrifice will make poverty history."

The image reproduced here is an entirely different view of the Flat World theory. It's flat screen monitor displaying a photo of girl blogger Teacher Nono's not-so-buxom chest. The Chinese characters across it read 'The World, Is Flat'. The original post is here: Teacher Nono's Pure Flat Advert No. 2 (in Chinese).

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