Wang Xiaofeng's Naked Chatting

He is handsome in fact
Popular Chinese blogger Wang Xiaofeng hosted a face to face meeting to his fans yesterday in a bookstore in Dongcheng district, Beijing. Below is a translation of the post from Wang's blog:

Naked Chatting

by Wang Xiaofeng

Many people found excuses to refuse to join this naked chat with Lao Liu and me. So let me make a short summary. Generally, I felt I played the role of chimpanzee this time.

I didn't think of that so many people would come, but it far exceed my expectations. I thought there would be about 20 or 30 people at most. We would crowd round in a circle, squating and singing. "Drop the handkerchief, drop the handkerchief, drop it gently behind someone's back. Don't send SMS, turn around and snatch him." ....but more than 100 people came and it was packed, which gave me a fright when I arrived. It seems we cannot play the "drop the handkerchief" game any more.

Lao Liu asked me: How should we handle this chat today?
I said: Didn't the publishing house people tell you what to do?
Lao Liu: No.
I said: It's easy then. We pretend this is a location shoot for Life of Art [A popular talk show program broadcast by CCTV3, known for its affected content] and you are Zhu Jun [host of that program]. Ask me some big, awkward questions like "think back on your years of experience being disliked by everyone, what have you come to learn?"
Lao Liu: You have to remember to cry.
I said: And you remember not to steal my scenes. I am the lead actor, you are my support.

Actually, I was support too. I really didn't know how to deal with an appearance like today.

I didn't know how Lao Liu would host, but I was sure his presence would save me lots of trouble. I am always nervous in front of a crowd of people, especially a crowd of beauties. I took a stealthy glance: so many beauties....After the chat finished, some friends sent me messages which said they all came to see me, but I didn't see any of them.

Lao Liu was talkative, but I was not. I felt nervous all the time, and my brain was blank. Every question was done on the spot; it would have been better if I checked out the script with Lao Liu first. Before coming, I was thinking of what questions people would ask. I thought this would be a kind of "truth or dare" game. So I prepared some answers just in case, but none was used.

This chat was more like a formal discussion about doubting life. Everybody cares about careers and the future. Some questions were hard to answer live, and some were so broad that I couldn't give them a one-sentence answer. So some answers were not good, and I'm sorry about that.

Sometimes when I see people leaving messages or sending emails asking me questions, I feel that information is unequal, and this sort of problem comes up. It's pretty intriguing. You saw me live this time, but I don't know how to act. I feel I've let everyone down, and I hope you aren't too disappointed. If I have chance next time, I'll try out for playing the role of a gorilla.

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