A use for Twitter

Your correspondent has finally found a good use for Twitter: to review really bad books.

This could perhaps be described as my Tweet for a black swan:

Just finished 'The Black Swan' by Nassim Nicholas Talib. What an unpleasant and pompous man the author is.

With one good idea.

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Comments on A use for Twitter

well said.

to that review i'll add my own:

The Black Swan: A great book for those fooled by Fooled by Randomness.

I try my best to avoid reading literature I don't enjoy. If I'm not interested by the time I hit page 100, I'm not going to waste my time finishing it.

I didn't like Fooled by Randomness because I realized I couldn't read it critically. I didn't have the finance background to criticize it, and bashing all of modern philosophy except for the philosopher of science Karl Popper was shocking.

A truly awful book, I thought. Kudos for actually finishing it; I couldn't.

Haha. Yeah, I read the book last year too. I definitely agree that it's pompous.

It was not too boring to read though, the guy has quite a lively writing style (that's how he sold so many copies I guess).

Oh, well, I guess I should have stopped at page 100 and get a life instead.

I have listen to the audio book. IF you thought reading it was bad, you should listen to the guy reading to you. His voice actually increases the pompousness of the author. AMAZING!

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