Zheng He and the Old Book Bazaar


Two news bits inexplicably paired together as they make the rounds of news websites:

1. The 25th Annual Old Book Bazaar runs from 9-17 April at Liuli Chang in Beijing (photo is of last year's event). Nearly 10,000 different titles from the late Qing and early Republic, as well as used books from both before and after the revolution.

2. A special bronze tripod (ding 鼎) produced under the supervision of the National Museum was unveiled on the 6th. It commemorates the 600th anniversary of the start of Zheng He's famous voyage through the Indian Ocean, and possibly more distant shores.

Zheng He and his voyages, incidentally, form the subject of several articles in the March issue of Read magazine, which reportedly had been facing insolvency. Since Danwei last reported on those rumors, the magazine has gone on to publish both a January-February combined issue and a March issue. We hereby retract the premature obituary.

Links and Sources:
Original Star Daily article is here (Chinese). Photo from Sina here.
Earlier Danwei post heralding the demise of Read is here.

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