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Earthquake in China

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A 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in eastern Sichuan Province at 2:28pm earlier today, according to this report on the U.S. government's earthquake site.

According to information from users in China, the quake has been felt in many places across the country (see screenshot), including Beijing.

Many office buildings in Beijing's central business district have just been evacuated.

The Beijing Earthquake Bureau's website is not currently loading.

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From Reuters:

Strong earthquake hits southwest China

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck China's Sichuan province on Monday, less than 100 km (60 miles) from the provincial capital of Chengdu, the U.S. Geological Survey said on its Web site.

The tremor, centered 92 km northwest of Chengdu, was felt as far away as Beijing and Shanghai, where office buildings swayed with the impact.

LG Towers in Beijing's CBD, evacuated - 15:03

Update 2:

Xinhua is reporting that the Sichuan quake was 7.8 on the Richter scale, and giving a magnitude of 3.9 to a quake centered in Tongzhou, on the outskirts of Beijing city (English link).

MeMedia has a page for the earthquake here, has one here (both in Chinese).

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Comments on Earthquake in China

Only 55 miles from ChengDu... God be with them!

No earthquake here in Taizhou, Zhejiang.

i didn't feel anything here in haidian district, is it me or is the earthquake is not strong enough...

It has been even here in Shenzhen a massiv shake in the highrise.....scarry guys!

People could feel it all the way over here in Taipei, which is even further from there than Beijing is.

Could feel the Wenchuan quake in Kunming, initially couldn't call any friends in Chengdu, but managed to get through via sms and it sounds like there's no major damage apparent at this point. Hopefully for everyone in Wenchuan, Chengdu and elsewhere in the area there will be no aftershocks.


Last night I slept very late, so I first thought it's my head vertiginous coz I am weak, but then I felt the sway and realized that it's earthquake, and I was the first that announced earthquake happened in office.

Then the sway got stronger, I felt 3 waves of sway. My colleagues decided to go out. But the quake lasted just at most 20 seconds, then they return.

Apparently a statement about the upcoming Olympics...

"China Rocks"???

Sitting in my chair on the 18th floor in NW Beijing, I suddenly felt as though I had been drinking as I started to gently sway back and forth.

阿坝州防震减灾局成功平息地震误传事件 :link

[The full article is interesting - rumors last week said a local earthquake bureau predicted a major earthquake; the local government quashed the rumors. --JM]

We were in class at the time. Kids thought it was a joke, and I thought it'd pass quickly enough, but when it got worse, the building was evacuated. Some plaster came off the walls and dust was thrown up, but the only injuries I know were my colleague's girlfriend who twisted her ankle rather badly as she hurried downstairs, and later we saw some woman whose head was bandaged, but otherwise quite capable of walking.

A lot of people are staying outside, and we've had at least two aftershocks, although I only felt the more recent one, which was at 7.10pm. Most shops have shut early, and the Fortune Centre in town was closed and roped off.

Mobile network in Chengdu was dead for a time (outside calls only), but everything else seems to have been unaffected.

It's been a rather bad year for Chinese natural disasters, hasn't it? First the crippling winter storm, now these two earthquakes.

You guys didn't feel a thing, did you?

Surely this post can claim the Guinness World Record now:
It seems at the moment you can never reach the end page(尾页).

My buddy Sascha M. has been blogging through the tremors:, if anyone's interested

wow,i was in chongqing and when the earthquake occured,i was studying in my classroom,it went like i felt so dizzy ..."am i sick" i said to myself...but all of a sudden..i heard people screaming..crying loud about"god!!!the buliding is shaking.." then all my classmates rushed out ...then we just gathered in the ground.......terrible

my prayers go to my fellow chinese citizens.
we are being punished for what we've done to the Tibetans peoples. GOD is punsihing us. it's time that we get out of Tibet before it's too late. prayers and Love to all victims. ping

From those of us in the United States, our prayers are with all of those affected by the recent quake.

God bless the victims...
AP, via Yahoo news, is reporting over 8,700 deaths.

I hope everyone be healthy


don't use tragedy to push your politics. you're probably not even chinese.

Wuhan was shaking too, mates... I was sitting with a friend on the sofa, and all of a sudden the sofa started to shake... and i was like " what the hell"... anyway no damge done by the EQ here in Wuhan... everyone is safe and sound.
God Bless all.
hang in there

"Posted by: wange | May 12, 2008 4:33 PM"

It would all depend upon the local geology. The earthquakes radiating amplitude varies depending upon the type of underlying bedrock. Limestone will allow for it to ripple out in great distances (New Madrid fault in central USA), but the bedrock of California will not allow for the disbursement of the shock waves.

I just want to let the people of China know that there are many people praying and hoping for the safe rescue of your loved ones and that you can find peace in the loss of other loved ones.

I just wish and pray that GOD help the Chinese people out of this deveastation.

oh and "leexiaoping".. next time you fake a chinese name remember that "li" and not "lee" is used in Chinese pinyin

北京还是有影响的 就觉得头好晕

farheen - surely according to your beliefs (omnipresent, omniscient and all that) it was GOD who caused the earthquakes? Would be kind of daft for him to help the chinese from the devastation when he caused the devastation in the first place (unless of course he is an increasingly bored and somewhat mischievous GOD).


leexiaoping, you are a bloody idoit.

this is outragoues

I fill bad for the people in China..

Nowadays,that the effects of global warming are seen very alarming,people have nothing to do but to pray and the most of all to do something in saving planet earth.Earthquake is one of the phenomena that we can never escape.For those affected people in China,just be strong.We should not forget that there is still "hope" and the same thing,"we can always stand again".Just merely "praying",have strong faith in God,and it will always supersede different problems.

Is there any Singaporeans there because my schoolmates are there in ShuZhou.

oh my god...R.I.P this is terrible, no 1 diserved this...take care..x

our heart with you..I hope everyone be healthy

I trust China have ability to handdle this situation.
Im a colledge student study in Jiangxi province which is far from Sichuan province,in our University every student and teacher care about the earthquake situation very much. most of my classmate contrbute their money and pther things to the suffer people~~
everything will goes well~~
I love my country very much i support her forever!!!

i feel so pity f0r the people who die/

Give you my best wishes, my motherland!I love you!Always love you!

i feel very pity of the victims and the people who die. i like to contribute something (dress) for the peoples who lost their houses and neighbours.

Only God can help us.

Bodhisattva bless China!

Should this disaster affect you all guyz in positive manner for it will provide the positive result.

Anyway, let us pray for :
1. the death number won't increase
2. the missing ones will be found alive soon
3. the survivors will continue their lives well
4. food, shelter, clothing will be provided
5. this won't happen anymore in any part of the world

Love and Peace

god help every single one of them

Fo(god in china) bliss Chinese,people will rebuilt the Great Wall!There are 22000 death in China! People who loss their families cried,whish to exchange their life to the parents,children and thier beloved.Those people are kindhearted and diligent killed by the disaster are worthy of respect. They were enjoy a life of wealth and happiness,but now they are crying and sadness to dig out their family menbers.Chinese are simply people,we think think people in this world are good and honest, we are appreciate the grand foreigner who donate 6400000 USD to Chinese for those people injured earthquake! We don't know who he is,but we are truely appreciate him,and we are firm that good people is more than cruel people.
Yet we don't now who you are,we still bliss you and your country,for peace and our friendship! People in China will never forget you and people who helped us! ----A student in China,and many Chinese who know you helped us

Let's do our best to help them.

People of Kyrgyzstan wish strength to people of China. We feel the sorrow with you.
Let God help all victims.

My friend's mom is in Hong Kong right now and she felt the quake o.O

From all in far away Australia our thoughts and prayers are with all of you - were here to help you, god bless

A real tragedy. I just feel that in a way, this catastrophe could be prevented. Its been speculated on the internet that the chinese government have been warned by various sources that there might be a massive earthquake that is about to hit them. But as stupid as they can be, they just ignored and laugh off at it. If they were to be more meticulous, i seriously feel that this could be prevented in a way or two. Or at least there won't be that many deaths and injuries. It happened during the SARS period and now its this. PLS, for the sake of all mankind, the chinese government better wake up their Fking IDEA.

Wish the people gone during the disaster rest!

this is terible, i hope all u peeps in china are safe and well, its not fair and just so u kno god isnt punishing china for wat they've done to tebetans ping u idiot, the chinese neva did anything to the tebetans, your just too shallow minded to see it and if u dont mind the chinese dont need anymore problems right now so if u had any tact u would feel some sympathy for them and think before u write. R.I.P for all those deceased and a safe future for those who survived, we Australian asians wish u all the best

I am really sad on what happened in China. And I know many people died but why, why whereever I see there's always some sort of disaster. Many people even students got injured and many even died. I wish nothing else happens to the beautiful country of China.

我在重庆 震感明显

Many people dead.We are very sad.They lost their homes,friends,even their all.

I think this is a very horrible event and would like to say sorry to the innocent people who died, i know i could not do much, but to donate some of my pocket money for the people who are in China and try to send food, but the rest, i leave it up to my parents. I have no chioce but to study. And for these who think God may help, hope it is true, not to be affencive, i do not believe in God, i just believe in Faith and courage to the people who are home less. Well to those people who has died, wish you good luck in Heaven and make your dreams come true in Heaven. To the home-less people i hope my donation arive to you and hope this makes a difference in your life.

Let God Guide you in all ways!!!!!

Love from Carring Child,

It is very sad. Oh well.

This big human tragedy reveals us the following message. We human beings deep in heart are loving beings. We love and are loved. That's what human beings really are. Globalization can only be interpreted as clobalization of love, because any other interpretation will go against what we have deep in our heart. Let's pray for our loved beings. Also all pray for the everlasting global love and peace.

so so sorry

omgsh.. i feel so bad for them
i wanna help. like maybe like give some money to em'... but i don't noe how ot.. :/

omghs. i feel so bad :/ so sadd.....

my grandparents live in china and it hit them

so sad...

i spotted this on YouTube and found it very moving that kids all over the world care about other kids in a completely unaffected way: link

May all living being be free from suffering and just remain in happiness that they deserve!!

God bless them all......hope everty thing is fine.....

I hope everybody is safe,and the main thing that they don't diserve is that earthquake that went their

Thank you ,all your kindness will be remembered by our Chinese people.We pray the world will be peace and will we can understand each other

i hope don't have any more earthquake. god bless us all

Wouldn't be nice if a EQ warning/tracking system existed like there is for hurricanes? It is only a matter of time before a major quake hits a populated area and more than structural damage will have to be worried about. More attention needs to be paid to finding the warnings the earth gives us before it decides to shake, rattle and roll. I've been following research by a company in northern CA called Quakefinder. They may be onto something as their research into data gathered from sensors near the Alum Rock quake in Oct 2007 are very intriguing. I encourage all to check them out and see their theories and research into electromagnetic fields and earthquakes.

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