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World Link collapsed language school case in court

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World Link in happier times - image source

The China Daily has an update by Meng Jing about a collapsing language school mentioned in Danwei's earlier report on foreign run schools and their fleeing bosses:

Students expect to win battle but lose war

All of the almost 200 English learners who are taking a Seattle-based language school to court feel confident they will win their case but few are hopeful of getting their hands on the 3 million yuan in tuition they say is owed them.

The former students with Real Life English have been in dispute with the school ever since it ceased operation in October.

Guo Wenze, a 50-year-old former Real Life English student, is the principal claimant in the legal action.

Guo predicts the students will win the suit but be disappointed when it comes to a financial settlement, the first case in China against a defunct English language school...

...Students believe Anders Johnson, CEO of World Link Education, returned to his home country, Sweden, after the schools' closure...

..."We didn't run away. There has not been any money leaving China. Instead, I have personally borrowed all I can to send to China to replace what was lost," Johnson said in an email interview with METRO.

"I truly feel for everyone - students, staff - involved but even if it's terrible to go bankrupt it is not illegal. World Link and Real Life is not the first and will not be last, unless the government changes the regulations."

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