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Look east Ms Bunting

The Daily Telegraph, not a pinko newspaper
The Daily Telegraph has published an article about failed G8 pledges to Africa (pictured). The article does not mention China.

On the other side of the British newspaper political spectrum, The Guardian has published an opinion piece by Madeleine Bunting about the failure of G8 members to deliver on the promises about Africa made at Gleneagles in 2005. It lays part of the blame on the rock-star encrusted 'Make Poverty History' campaign led by Bono and Bob Geldof for making 'aid delivery seem too simple'.

There is a question implied in the opening of the article:

Africa is back on the G8 agenda this week, at the exclusive resort of Heiligendamm, for the first time since Gleneagles in 2005. But no one is quite sure why...

What on earth could explain it?

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China is too small for The Guardian to notice. The Guardian is a newspaper from another planet and does not base most of its assumptions (or lack of them) on the reality of the planet we live in.

And The Daily Torygraph is any better?

this website is starting to sound like a tin pot dictator defense pamphlet.

Stephen: That's exactly the problem. The left has a lot to offer, but these days it mostly offers opinions that are out of touch with reality, apologetic, culturally inconfident, or just funny.

I say this not without sympathy. If anyone should be in denial about the state of the world today, it's the "international left".

no one commented on the caption to the picture?????

Come on...Danwei too leans left.
Why else do they post about an Obama rally and not one for Rudy McRomney?...oh yeah that's right...because all the expats there are New England Patriots fans...not-red blooded America's Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

Ron Paul looks good... but that's about it.

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