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China's African commitments

Hu Jintao meets with African Union Commission Chairman Alpha Oumar Konare - Image from Xinhua
Judging from the Xinhua headlines today, China is going to put its money where its mouth is when it comes to Africa.

At the end of the first day of the 2006 Forum on China Africa Cooperation in Beijing, these were the Chinese promises to Africa as expressed through Xinhua headlines:

China to further open up market to Africa

China-Africa trade expected to top 100 bln USD by 2010

China to train 15,000 African professionals over next 3 years

China to cancel more debt owed by poor African countries

China to set up China-Africa development fund totaling 5 bln USD

China to provide 3 bln USD of preferential loans to Africa in next 3 years

China to build conference center for African Union

China to double 2006 assistance to Africa by 2009

China to establish trade / economic cooperation zones in Africa

China to strengthen cooperation with Africa in 5 fields

All of this sounds like good news. But if Beijing wants to organize another similar African summit in the next few years, they better make sure they deliver on these promises. African ears are tired of hearing about good intentions.

The first headline is intentionally highlighted.

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Comments on China's African commitments

The focus on Africa isn't an accident.

Just to provide one example, Chery's business plan is to build economies of scale exporting to African and Middle-Eastern markets while ramping up production and profits to the point it is capable of launching a commercial offensive in more protectionist European and American markets.

That being said, anyone else find all of the signs proclaiming African unity everywhere in Beijing a bit funny?

What about a commitment to take the stereotypical "Beautiful Africa" off Beijing billboards?

I don't see why they should take 'Beautiful Africa'off Beijing billboards. It is stereotypical but, what the hell, Africa IS beautiful.

yesterday I watched afrika fc play football in beijing and they had two chinese guys playing for them. wonder if this was part of the beijing love-in? none of the afrika players knew their names, kept calling them 'the chinese man'. mercenaries playing for afrika? whatever next...

What a lot of "China to..." headlines. China is doing this. China is doing that. Saintly lot, those Chinese. What are all the African nations doing? Or is simply showing up enough?

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