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China Businesscast: Strategic Consulting with Shaun Rein

Shaun Rein is the chief executive at CMR China Market Research Group, based out of Shanghai.

Shaun believes that the end is near for the strategic consulting companies that depend on the Henry Kissinger model of using personal relationship networks to ease clients through the ins and outs of the system. He believes rather, that only the firms that provide the best data and analysis will succeed.

In part one of this episode, Shaun introduces us to the concept of "China's baby boomers", the label he applies to the generation born after the Cultural Revolution. Like America's baby boomers, they lived the first thirty years of their lives in a period of economic optimism. They care primarily about making money, which they want to spend rather than save. Their parents, having been through hard times, encourage them in their pursuit of the materialistic good life.

If this is true, both my father and girlfriend are baby boomers.

Listen to Part 1

In the second part of this episode, Shaun talks a bit more about baby boomers, then goes into what is good and bad about the venture capital industry in China, speaking from his experience in that industry. This is a segue into a conversation about China's VC industry in a coming episode.

Listen to Part 2

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Update, for subscribers of Danwei FM China Businesscast: I update the feed through a mirror blog I access through Blogger. For some time now, Blogger has been next to unaccessible from China. I will keep trying to update the feed. Episodes can be accessed from the main web site for the time being.

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On your technical problems: I have no problem whatsoever to work with Blogger from Shanghai. Actually, all the Google services kept on humming even direct after the Taiwan earthquake.
Apart from the Blogger-interface there are a few other methods to post on your blog. First is by email (although it varies how fast it show up and I had sometimes some lay-out problems). Otherwise, if you only upload text and links Google Docs&Spreatsheets offers a good alternative to update your weblog directly.

Great interview by Shaun Rein, too bad the host couldn't pronounce Rein or Kissinger correctly ..tsk tsk..

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