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Beijing to Lhasa by train

Booking are now being accepted for the Beijing to Lhasa train. The trip takes 48 hours, leaving Beijing every night at 21:30 and arriving in Lhasa at 20:58 two days later. Hard seat tickets (for migrant workers and desperate backpackers who enjoy suffering) cost only RMB 389 ($49), hard sleepers go for RMB 813 ($101), and soft sleepers are RMB 1,262 ($157).

The China Daily has a story on the new service: Beijing-Lhasa train tickets selling fast.

Thanks to Hailie Xie, who has a special Tibet section of her website (that used to be one the of best known English blogs by a Chinese person), for price corrections.

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Comments on Beijing to Lhasa by train

sorry but a hard-seat ticket costs only RMB 389 ($49) not RMB 813, much cheaper than we thought.

According to the paper this morning here in Shanghai, foreigners still need to apply for and receive a Tibet travel permit before they can travel to the region. That was tacked on to the very end of the article; no practical details were given.

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