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Free Wireless Internet Hot Spots in Kunming

Wireless Internet (WiFi) in Kunming: Danwei brings you a mini (and growing) guide to free wi fi hotspots in Kunming, by Kunming resident Chris Horton. Below is a list of places that offer free access to wireless internet:

Chapter One
146 Wenlin Jie
Tel: 0871 5365635

Salvador's Coffee House
76 Wenhua Xiang, Wenlin Jie (They have two locations in Kunming, but only this one has wireless).
Tel: 0871 5363525

Pizza da Rocco
202 Wenlin Jie,
Tel: 0871 5386817

French Café
70 Wenlin Jie
Tel: 0871 5382391

Metropolitan Wine Bar
48 Cuiming Yuan
Tel: 0871 512 0626

There is more information about Kunming cafés at Go Kunming, or visit the Go Kunming home page for travel, business and employment information about the Spring City. Feel free to send us your feedback and suggestions on your favorite wireless hot spots.