China's talent shortage

The International Herlad Tribune published an interesting piece about the recruitment struggles of foreign companies in China. Selected quotes:

...A recent McKinsey report, titled "Addressing China's Looming Talent Shortage," said surveys had shown that fewer than 10 percent of Chinese graduates across a range of technical and professional disciplines would be suitable for employment in foreign companies....

...Ogilvy's Beijing-based managing director, Chris Reitermann: "We hire many more expats simply because we can't get the quality locally. Good senior local people are as precious as diamonds."

...Some critics argue that the conservative education system relies too heavily on rote learning from textbooks and requires students to conform to views presented in course material.
Combined with China's tight political control, they complain, this approach stifles initiative that would be valuable to employers...

Full article is available on the IHT web site: Chinese paradox: A shallow pool of talent

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Comments on China's talent shortage

Anecdotally, this certainly seems to be the case, especially in PR and advertising. I can report an increasing volume of calls from headhunters and competing agencies. If my meager talents are in such demand, well, that's saying something.

Among other things, it's saying I need to be charging more!

I had a stint at Lenovo once, but left because I could have made more money teaching...part time. At the time, there were only four our so foreigners. Now there are eight in an office of thousands. So I guess some companies are happy with the locals.

The Chinese are enjoying a highly skewed and biased legal and business environment in China for Chinese citizens. They have yet to realize just how fierce competition can be when their market truly opens up and foreigners are allowed in with little to no restrictions. Enjoy this fantasy land people, because when the commie government finally decides to get it's head out of it's ass, the game is on.

Mr. Gene,
You obvioulsy have no idea of how fierce is the competition among products out here, already. Enjoy your preconceptions, Gene, and get that finger out of your nostril.

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