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Mao Xinyu (毛新宇), holder of a PhD on the history of Chinese Communist Party, newly appointed member of the CPPCC National Committee, and grandson of Chairman Mao prepared four proposals for this year's National People's Congress. Three of them are connected to his grandfather.

Mr. Mao said his proposals are “about the relation between Mao Zedong’s theories and the development of our education system, Mao Zedong’s economic theory and the development of companies in our country, Mao Zedong’s “Three Lines” theory and the location of our country's industries. But the only proposal that I have so far completed is the proposal to develop the China Traditional Medicine".

Below is an interview with Mr Mao that has been reposted on a blog; it was originally published in a newspaper called Xinkuaibao (新快报). He answers questions about his family, his reputation as a "slovenly person", his large girth, as well as his proposal to the CPPCC.

Mao Xinyu: Willing to be an Olympic torch bearer

Q: You have said that your grandfather is god; is he a perfect man to you?
A: Yes.

Q: If you had the chance to meet him, what would you say to him?
A: I wish the old man could see the development and changes in China today, he would be happy.

Q: You were born into an “emperor’s family”, and your life has always been the focus of public attention, is there anything that makes you feel bad about it? Given the choice, would you like to live this kind of life again?
A: As a descendant of the Leader, I do have a lot of stress. I feel that people are always watching my behavior. So I must do good. I am quite well-known and when I exercise in some parks, people recognize me. They are all very concerned about me, and sometimes we talk about my family. Some people in society care for my family and they do know a lot about us. If I could choose, I would be born into such a family again. I feel very privileged.

Q: Some reports say you have met the grandson of [first generation communist leader PLA commander in chief] Zhu De, Zhu Heping (朱和平). What kind of meeting was that?
A: It was a coincidence. We were both in the the Great Hall of the People, and we met while many other members of national committee of the CPPCC were leaving. We were very happy. We talked about history, and our grandfathers. In April, 1928, Zhu De, leading the Nanchang revolutionary troops went to Jinggang mountain to meet with the forces under my grandfather’s command. That event was a turning point. We were both very excited. And we agreed to go to Jinggang mountain if we get the chance. But we do not see each other often.

Q: Are you in touch with other 'Red Descendants'?
A: I used to meet the grandson of Ren Bishi (任弼时), Ren Jining (任继宁) a lot. We are friends.

Q: As one of the Red Descendants, do the incumbent leaders of the country give you any special attention or favors?
A: Yes they do. Especially after last year when my father passed away. Since then, leaders of all levels are really concerned about us. Like this year I was selected to be a member of the CPPCC National Committee; it was authorized by general secretary Hu Jintao himself.

Q: The field of your research covers Mao Zedong thought and his military theories. You you are also a senior colonel in the PLA. Aside from your job and social activities, what is your daily life like?
A: I am fat, so I need to work out to lose some extra pounds. I go mountain climbing, swimming. My favorite sport is swimming. Besides that, I spend most my time reading.

Q: Some people say you used to be a slovenly person. When you were at university, you were unwilling to keep your bed tidy and therefore could not always meet the university requirements. Could you please introduce what kind of person you are in your daily life?
A: It’s not like that, it’s just because I was so focused on my studies. But now I also pay attention to my looks. I am changed.

Q: Could you talk a little about your family? Your mother's health, and your wife's job? How is your child?
A: My mother is very interested in photography. Actually she is quite a master in taking photos. She started by shooting my grandpa. Grandpa was very strict with her, so the photos could not be published outside of [the central leadership compound] Zhongnanhai. My mother’s first camera was brought back from the Soviet Union by my uncle Mao Anying (毛岸英). Mother also asks us to go to mountains to take pictures with her. I have accompanied her to many different places, like the Great Wall and other revolutionary spots. She also likes staged photography very much. She takes pictures of very different things and sometimes she let me and my wife and other people into a photographers' group with her. We have been to North Korea, New Zealand and Australia to shoot pictures. My son Mao Dongdong (毛东东) is 4 years old now.

Q: 2008 is the Olympic year, what do you think of our country's ability to hold the Games? Have you considered becoming an Olympic torch bearer?
A: I am looking forward to the Games. I will support Olympics in my own way, like issuing proposals for the Games, or cheering for the athletes. The Olympics do help me see the prosperity of our country and nation.

Q: Don’t you wish you could be the one to do the Olympic torch lighting ceremony?
A: Of course! I think the Olympics is a good way for communication between our China and the world. Moreover, it is an opportunity to develop friendship between our country and other countries. It is not easy. I was as happy as the others when we succeeded in the bid for the Olympic Games. Now we have been waiting a long long seven years, finally it is about to come true. I believe everyone is happy about this.

Q:Will you go to see the Games? What sports do you like?
A: I will. Although I do not know much about football, or basketball, I still like other sports like diving and swimming.

Q: Is there any athlete that you like very much?
A: Yao Ming

Q: Do you personally know him?
A: Yes, we are friends. And there is also Ye Qiaobo (叶乔波, Olympic gold medalist Chinese skater).

Q: Yao Ming was recently injured, did you send your regards to him?
A: I am very concerned but I believe Yao will perform well.

Q: As a military theory expert, what is your opinion on the cross-straits relationship ?
A: (Hesitating) This question… let’s not talk about it. (chuckling)

Q: Some descendants of famous people like Jiang Youbo, Jiang Youchang (蒋友柏, 蒋友常 — great grandsons of Chiang Kai-shek) went into business. What do you think of that?
A: Our family has been keeping our good tradition by studying Chairman Mao’s theories which are more important (than money).

Q: The super ministries plan was announced on the afternoon of March 11th. What do you think about it?
A: In order to develop economy better, the central government has made the right move to rearrange the institutions. Abolishing the Ministry of Communications and the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense makes the government more scientific. Another point is that people are more and more concerned with our living conditions, and the country makes a lot of effort on that too: seeking to solve thorny and urgent problems like environment protection, education, health care and labor protection in a more coordinated and holistic way. This gives new hope to our people. We are happy to see that the country is paying attention to these thorny and urgent problems.

Q: The proposal you have issued has to do with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Would you elaborate on it?
A: It consists of four parts. Firstly, at last year's 17th Party Congress, our country called for “promoting traditional Chinese culture and paying attention to people’s living standards”. One of the most important things about people’s living standards is health care. As early as 1956, Chairman Mao said that “combination and mutual development of Western and Chinese traditional medicine” should be the way. Now, as one of the core parts of Chinese culture, TCM is worth promoting. Moreover I have studied TCM as an amateur for two years, so I know it well. Now TCM is part of our excellent traditional culture, and it is taken very seriously abroad. Therefore I issued a proposal to add TCM to the curriculum at elementary and middle school level.

Q: What do you think elementary school kids could learn about TCM?
A: We can teach them to recognize some medicinal materials by showing them pictures, and strengthen the knowledge of food safety among elementary students so they can learn to protect themselves. For example, some students have eaten poisonous mushrooms because they could not identify them.

Q: Anything else in your proposal?
A: One thing that drew a lot of attention was my proposal to edit an new edition of Compendium of Materia Medica (本草纲目, a medical dictionary written by Li Shizhen 李时珍 in the Ming dynasty). As far as I know, in every flourishing dynasty throughout the history, the Compendium of Materia Medica was regularly updated. Now we are in another great era, so we should do it again. I pay a lot attention to this, because the Compendium of Materia Medica was such a great contribution by the greatest medical scientist Li Shizhen.

Q: Did everyone discuss your proposal?
A: I got a lot of positive response from other members, they are tremendously interested. Many of them discussed TCM with me. Yesterday afternoon, I met the minister of Public Health, he said he was so happy about my proposal. Our country has already embarked on this endeavor. For example, adding TCM classes in elementary schools, we have started doing this already.

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Comments on An interview with Chairman Mao's grandson

Hmm.. So Mao Xinyu is really an idiot as rumoured.

Oh man--personal photos of the Mao himself taken by his daughter?? Those would bring in a pretty penny on the auction block.

For grandpa's sake, shut up!


While I have nothing against Mao Xinyu himself - after all, his mindset and viewpoints are most likely the result of his education, I am quite annoyed by the fact that he's given all the privileges just because he's the grandson of Mao Zedong. On this perspective, the Chinese hasn't progressed far from Feudalism.

Why has DANWEI not posted my comments about Royalty & global royal figures? Should I ask? "Free speech", after all...?

(Hesitating) This question… let’s not talk about it. (chuckling)

Re-post (approximate) from Chinese Buddhist: SO! Mao Xinyu is corpulent? According to accepted traditions of the West, he should also be ROYAL. And compares very favourably, with Charles: Upon being kissed by Diana (most beautiful girl in the world) this Brit turned into one helluva FROG! And not only that, but his Dear Dad seems to be associated with ENDLESS car crashes: Diana, the missing-Fiat...


I remember the passage from Jan Wong's Red China Blues where she described Mao Xinyu as the "fattest Chinese guy she had ever seen"

Plus ca change . . .

at least, he is better than some TaiziDang

I believe that Mao Xinyu is an honorable man.

Despite the fact that his grandpa was more or less the last Emperor of China, he still lives as an ordinary chinese, an ordinary citizen..

I doubt a man with a similar profile would live as an ordinary citizen in my country Peru...

Wo Ye Ai Ni China!

Go Beijing 2008!

Francisco Marmanillo

adding TCM classes in elementary schools, we have started doing this already.R u kidding me?

Poisonous mushrooms... wtf? We have so many serious issues going on in the world and he's worried about little kids eating poisonous mushrooms?!

I'm speechless...

I am wondering what he thinks about the freedom and human right Vs economic growth?



Perhaps Mao Xinyu must also continue read and read his Grandpa's works, so someday he would end up grooming himself to be a leader. Mao may had done mistakes for sure, but he's human and likely to rectify every error he have as he can.

If Mao Zedong's grandson got promoted to the rank of Major General because he is the Mao Zedong's grandson, China will be in trouble - the revival of lies and bullshits, deprivation of civil liberty and craziness such as creating a commune - melting steel pots, cast-iron woks and door loccks chopping down and burning the trees to melt them.
If he got his doctorate because of his grandfather, those awarded him the doctorate must have been just the silly red guards during the cultural holocaust whence, children beat their parents, stupid school children beat their teachers, apprentices beat their masters and whatnots.

If Mao Zedong's family members continued the rule of China, China today be similar to North Korean today: people has nothing - no liberty and no economy but bullshits of prosperity and great advancement.

Indeed, the Chinese government should let the people buy and read the book written by Zedong's private doctor - Dr. Lee - to understand what Mao Zedong really was. If Mao was so great, his private doctor would have shared the greatness of being the private doctor of a great leader. That is my logic.

If Xingyu follows her grandmother's -Yang Kai Hui's - footsteps, China will be blessed.

What are so good about his grandpa's thoughts on management and economy - forming commune, cutting down all the trees to melt peasants' steel pots, cast-iron woks and door locks?
By Xingyu's fatty look, he is even not fit to be a soldier.

So, he thinks that he is the son of a god.

It is better to confer the titles of Major Generals to those military scientists who invented DongFong 21 D than the god's son.
China wakes up.

First off "Dr. Lee" issued an apology for the things he wrote and claimed them to be false. The first book he wrote was only published in America and Taiwan and had really bad sales numbers so he added all those lies about Mao and surprise! the book started selling.

I think his grandson was wrong about one thing: "I wish the old man could see the development and changes in China today, he would be happy." I think the young and revolutionary Mao would be sick to his stomach to see the China of today. China really needs another Mao to start to move the country forward to communism.

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