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Top news stories in China 2010

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The latest Sinica podcast is out, hosted by Kaiser Kuo, with Gady Epstein (Beijing bureau chief of Forbes), Li Xin (editor of the English version of Caixin, Hu Shuli's new business news publication), and me.

The podcast includes discussion of inflation, a news roundup from Caixin and a review of the big news events of 2010, as seen through the top news stories of 2010 lists compiled by Xinhua News Agency, Southern Metropolis Weekly and by users of the popular Internet forum. (Translations of these lists are at the bottom of this post.)

The podcast is here: Sinica: China 2010 - Year in Review; that page includes links to iTunes and RSS subscriptions to the Sinica feed.

Suggestions from Twitter
Before recording the Sinica podcast, we solicited suggestions for top news stories; here are some of the responses

Mainstream end of the China fantasy: Google, North Korea, South China Sea, Diaoyu / rare earths, LXB etc

The case of Zhao Zuohai would be on my list. Implications for criminal justice reform, death penalty.

Zhao Zhuohai

Rise of Sina Weibo

Google withdrawal from China

Translations of top news of 2010 lists
Translations of the above-mentioned lists as well as links to other 2010 lists are below:

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