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China Businesscast: Fritz Demopoulos, CEO Qunar.com


This episode kicks off a China Businesscast series on entrepreneurship in China. Fritz Demopoulos is CEO and co-founder of Qunar.com, a travel-focused vertical search engine. Fritz is a veteran China entrepreneur and has a lot of valuable insights about starting up businesses in China.

We welcome recommendations on other entrepreneurs to interview, as well as your comments and feedback.

To anyone interested in the start-up world in China, please leave comments or send an email (robert@danwei.org) with concerns, questions, and comments. I will turn your interaction into content for future episodes on entrepreneurship.

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There are currently 4 Comments for China Businesscast: Fritz Demopoulos, CEO Qunar.com.

Comments on China Businesscast: Fritz Demopoulos, CEO Qunar.com

I'd recommend that you talk with Graham Earnshaw. From his bio, at http://www.earnshaw.com/who/longbio.cfm

"In 1997 he helped launch a bar/restaurant called Park 97, currently the most successful nitespot in town, and built a web design company called Eastern Web Services, which morphed over time into the enormously entertaining incubator of entrepreneurial ideas called SinoMedia Ltd, a publishing and translation house. The city website that the company ran, Shanghai-ed.com, was possibly the first China website to make money. He launched, wrote, designed, sold ads for, distributed and sweated blood for the first English weekly newspapers produced in Shanghai for 50 years -- Shanghai Buzz and Travel China Shanghai Edition. His book "The Life & Death of a Dotcom in China" about the Internet in China was published in October, 2000. He has launched several websites, including earnshaw.com and taleofoldchina.com and re-launched Shanghai-ed.com. He took over China Economic Review in 2003, and plans to make it Asia's best news magazine. Since 2001, he has primarily worked with Xinhua Finance in a variety of roles."

Email me for further info.

Just listened to the interview. Nice job. Have you considered posting a transcript, maybe a week or two later?

how about Mark Kitto? or the guy who launched a list of China's richest people? Hu Run is his chinese name

What about CCTV financing the next movie of Klaus Pierre?
Could that be the next financial success of western guy?

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