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China Businesscast: Interview with Lenovo

Note from Jeremy Goldkorn: Danwei is happy to welcome Robert Ness to our stable of contributors. He is launching Danwei FM — podcasts. His show is called China Businesscast and features interviews with business professionals in China. The first episode is an interview with two foreign staff at the computer hardware and mobile technology giant Lenovo.

They talk about what Lenovo is doing, what it's like to work there, the cultural divides that the company is trying to cross after its acquisition of IBM's Thinkpad and international expansion, among other topics.

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There are currently 3 Comments for China Businesscast: Interview with Lenovo.

Comments on China Businesscast: Interview with Lenovo

thanks for the initiative

to keep it short and focused on one specific topic will be more effective to deliver the message, you might need a little more editing to keep the essence and filter the redundancy

Thank you for the constructive feedback. The interview could have been streamlined to clarify a governing thought and provide a more focused structure. Editing and clearer replies to the well posed questions would have also strengthened the interview. Please kindly acknowledge that this is the benefit and weakness of rapid adhoc, guerilla style reporting. Look forward to participating in the future to Danwei.org's valuable knowledge exchange.

guerilla style reporting? what's that? sounds to me like an excuse for an unprofessional presentation. sort it out and you may get some listeners.

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