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China Businesscast: Olympics Marketing Part 2

Ambush marketing: non-sponsors taking advantage of the Olympic hype and the associated risks.

Trying to get a piece of the action

I continue with Imagethief and Tom Doctoroff on the Olympics, this time tackling ambush marketing, the way non-sponsors can get in on the Olympic action. Imagethief gives us examples of ambush marketing and warns us of the legal trouble that companies could find themselves in down the road if they attempt this type of campaign.

Tom Doctoroff, CEO Greater China of JWT, seems more optimistic about the opportunities for non-sponsoring brands, and gives good examples.


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Comments on China Businesscast: Olympics Marketing Part 2

I don’t think consumers should be duped into spending their hard earned paychecks on a product that uses deceptive marketing tactics. Some may see ambush marketing as fair play, but I think that employing such practices shows a lack of integrity on the business’ part that tells me that my money would be better spent elsewhere. I f you want to learn more about ambush marketing, read The Ambush Marketing Toolkit by Kim Skildum- Reid. It gives you an inside look at the nuts and bolts of how ambush marketing is pulled off. Understanding how it occurs is half the battle in putting a stop to it.

Do you really think they pass laws against ambushing? I’m not sure if making it illegal would be enough of a deterrent. After all, if a company stands to cash in on big bucks by ambushing at a big event like the Olympics, what’s a few thousand dollars fine for getting caught? I read Ambush Marketing Toolkit by Kim Skildum-Reid and it was very enlightening on the subject. I recommend it for anyone in sponsorship.

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