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China Businesscast: Olympics Marketing Part 3

So much noise about the Beijing Olympics...will people burn out?
Continuing with our feature on Olympics-related communications, in this episode I ask "When will people have enough of the Olympic hype?". In the last episode the topic was how non-Olympic sponsors could take advantage of the Olympic hype... if everyone is screaming about how their product is tied to the Olympics, when will people stop listening? A PR exec from Ketchum Newscan is added to our list of the usual suspects, including China PR blogger Imagethief and CEO JWT Greater China Tom Doctoroff.

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second parts of this series.
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There are currently 3 Comments for China Businesscast: Olympics Marketing Part 3.

Comments on China Businesscast: Olympics Marketing Part 3

will there be translators and guides at the Chinese Olympics?

can't listen tot he podcast, but there is a HUGE gulf between the hype that foreigners in china or people in other countries can take and what mainland chinese can.

of course there are translators....

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