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mobile china.jpgIf you are like me, you have sat in restaurants and bars nursing your drink in awkward silence wishing you knew enough to join in the conversation about things called 3G and TD-SCDMA. If so, then you be pleased about this first of a series of China Businesscast episodes on the mobile space in China. In this episode I talk with industry veteran Sage Brennan of Pacific Epoch. Hopefully, we'll answer some of the questions you may have been too embarrassed to ask.


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Robert Ness keeps a blog on trends and opportunities in entrepreneurship in China’s new media called The China Venture

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very informative. tho i'm a 20 something, i can learn quite a lot by listening to this piece of interview. but here's a burning question: why the buzz over mobile tech?? i'm doing just fine with a not that cutting-edge Nokia cell. all i need is to call and send text messages. people can never figure out what those numerous buttons and features are for~~~

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