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In this episode of China Businesscast, I interview Guy and Terrance, two of the co-founders of TongTong.com, a social networking site in China meant to bring globally minded people in and outside of China together. This episode brings insight on the advantages and disadvantages of doing a Web start-up in Mainland China.

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Robert Ness is interested in web and mobile applications development in Asia. He has a blog on entrepreneurial trends in China called The China Venture. Contact him at robert(a)danwei.org

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Comments on China Businesscast: TongTong.com

I applaud the goal of producing detailed interviews, however I really hope Danwei considers making two versions.

You could call them the "gist" version, and the "verbose" version.

While the Tongtong guys had interesting things to say, there was a _lot_ in there that could have been edited out with no loss of quality.

agree with the above. a little (a lot?) editorial control would help these interviews become a bit more relevant. and how about interviewing a few well placed local business people rather than these fairly low level laowai? I think the insights would be stronger.

Thanks for the constructive criticism. I did this interview because I felt contrasting the experiences of young rookies in the world of Chinese business with the insights of those with several years of experience has value. Sometimes, the warnings of seasoned professionals with 20 odd years of experience in China can be intimidating and even discouraging to those doing it for the first time, and hearing insights from first-timers like those at Tong Tong can be refreshing. However, rest assured that future episodes will have plenty of insights from experienced China hands.


What is 'refreshing'about listening to this? Refreshing??? Bringing a couple of clueless college kids in to a studio to talk about their non-existent 'social networking' website that no-one can see is a kind of, er, naieve. They haven't achieved anything yet. They're kids talking about kids stuff. Anyone in the world could say all of the thigns they said, but it wouldn't mean anything because it's not based on any achievement.

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