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SCMP follies and sacked vice mayors

Some China newsbites from the Net today:

• Asia Sentinel: Top Editor Forced to Resign at South China Morning Post

The turmoil inside Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post continued Monday with the forced resignation of the paper’s business editor, Stuart Jackson.

The move is seen inside the paper as a sharp rebuke to Post Editor-in-Chief Mark Clifford, as his closest ally departed for “personal reasons,” according to an internal e-mail sent a month after a staff revolt against Clifford brought to light sharp dissension inside one of Asia’s premier English language newspapers... (see also Apple Daily story on ESWN)

• The Penisula (Qatar): Palestinian, Israeli leaders to attend meet in Beijing

...The seminar of “Israeli and Palestinian people for peace” will be attended by Israel’s former deputy foreign minister Yossi Beilin, and by a former minister in the Palestinian Authority, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told a regular news briefing in Beijing yesterday.

• People's Daily: Sacked Beijing vice mayor expelled from Party

Beijing's former vice mayor Liu Zhihua, who was sacked in June for corruption, has been expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Liu has also been dismissed from all administrative posts, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC announced Tuesday. Judicial departments will also launch criminal proceedings against Liu.

• China Daily: Bush's big guns on Beijing visit

A high-level US delegation headed by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and comprising six members of cabinet rank in addition to the Fed chief are expected to arrive today for the first-ever Sino-US strategic economic dialogue that starts tomorrow.

Vice-Premier Wu Yi and Paulson, who lead the delegations, will discuss a number of economic fronts at the two-day meeting.

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