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June 4 roundup

English-language reading related to today's anniversary:

· Fool's Mountain: On my way to school, I saw beautiful flowers - An account of 1989 from a student in Beijing.

· CNReviews: June 4, 1989: Where Were You? What Were You Doing? - In the fascinating comment thread, blog readers share their memories of 1989.

· James Fallows at his Atlantic blog: June 4 report #1: about what it was like on the square on the day of the anniversary.

· Alec Ash at Six: Peking University on June 4th: 2009 is not 1989, and it’s not 1984 either - thoughts on how PKU students deal with politics.

· Reuters: “Is this an anonymous interview?”: Thoughts on June 4 from "one 27-year-old originally from Fujian province, who came two years ago to do a Master’s degree in Canada."

· Bendilaowai: Memories of the day - a collection of "bits from real conversations with real people, brought here in their somewhat less than real names, that took place in the last week."

· US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton: Message on the Twentieth Anniversary of Tiananmen Square

· Global Times (English): Prosperity tangible along Chang'an Ave - the newspaper speaks to people at home and abroad about the Incident and its lasting effects.

· Wall Street Journal: Prosperity Can't Erase Tiananmen - Wu'er Kaixi writes, "In 1989 we wanted Nikes and discos. But we also wanted to belong to a country that truly lived up to the heritage of which it is so proud." Wu'er Kaixi attempted to turn himself in to authorities in Macao today.

· New York Times: After Tiananmen and Prison, a Comfortable but Uneasy Life in the New China - an interview with activist Liu Suli. Also, a multimedia presentation by Nicholas Kristoff, the paper's bureau chief in Beijing in 1989.

· BBC: Audio slideshow: Tiananmen Square - compiled by James Miles, who was their correspondent at the time. He spoke to the people on the square at the time, and the audio plus visual montage is chilling.

· Reuters: Tiananmen protesters in U.S. lament stunted movement - On June 4 a commemoration was held in Washington, and three previous members spoke about their experience in prison, put in for vandalizing Mao's picture atop Tiananmen Square.

·Financial Times: Tight security for Tiananmen anniversary - Hong Kong FT interviews Bao Pu, editor of the Zhаo Ziyаng memoirs English edition, on video.

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Comments on June 4 roundup

Liu Suli is truly an amazing man. After release from prison, he re-affirmed his courageous persona by founding one the most important independent bookstore in China: Wan Sheng Shu Yuan.

Perhaps it takes greater courage to run a struggling bookshop with very uncertain financial prospect in this super-mercantile society than run the injured to the hospital 20 years ago. Bravo, Suli!

Ms. Ding Zilin, leader of Mothers of June 4: link

An admirable woman who I hope will eventually receive a Nobel Prize for Peace, for her courage, her nobility of thoughts (for instance the tolerance towards the alleged indifference of the younger generations), and her inspiration to other Chinese that will eventually lead to a historical reconcilliation that's unprecedented in this very old nation.

Here is another article by Yu Hua. Not one of my favorite authors, but here Yu captured my and many of my friends' marvel then at the word, Ren Min ("People"). link

I see CD have broken their silence on 6/4 - in response to Clintons remarks: link

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