Danwei Review: Simon World

A new Danwei feature: short, regular website reviews. 'Website' means anything from Xinhua's homepage to a blog, but the latter will feature prominently. There are so many of them; the good ones are informative and easy to read. Even the bad ones tend to be lot more readable than, say, a China Daily article.

The first Danwei Review is about Simon World, a blog kept by an Australian man living with his family in Hong Kong. Simon writes about a wide range of stuff: from Iraq to his son's circumcision to observations about Hong Kong. One of his funniest posts was A Man's Abridged Guide to Living with Pregnancy, which is peppered with advice such as this:

There are various signs that your wife is entering labour. The clearest one is when your wife grabs you by the hand and squeezes the life force out of you screaming "we need to get to the fucking hospital NOW!"

Simon World is worth a regular visit for the Asia By Blog review, which is published more or less twice a week. Asia By Blog consists of a link-rich roundup of Asian blog chatter in English. Even if you don't like blogs, it's a good roundup of less obvious news stories that bloggers cover better than big media organizations.

- Simon World is here.
- Pregnancy guidance for men is here.
- Simon's latest Asian blog roundup is here.

- by Jeremy Goldkorn

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