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Danwei TV 4: Super Girl Frenzy

Attacked by frenzied Super Girls fans

Danwei TV 4 is about the Super Girls TV show.

Chao Nu, the abbreviation of Chao Ji Nu Sheng (超级女声) or Super Voice Girls, is the name of a televised singing competition similar to American Idol, produced and broadcast by Hunan Province Satellite Television Station. In 2005, the second year of the program, Super Girls became a runaway TV hit, captivating young women across the nation, making stars of the finalists and reaping windfall profits for Hunan TV.

This video summarizes last year's show and includes interviews with frenzied fans of runner up Zhou Bichang. You can watch the video in different formats on Revver.com, Archive.org, or Youtube.com. Otherwise click through below the jump to watch it right here.

Additional notes:
The billboard behind the presenter in the video advertises Sougou Super Girls (搜狗女生), a singing talent show sponsored by Sohu's Sougou search engine.

This year Sougou Super Girls will join the competition for Chinese viewers alongside Hunan TV's Super Girl, CCTV's China Dream (梦想中国), and Shanghai Oriental Satellite TV's My Shape, My Show (我型我秀). All of these highly similar shows are starting this spring.

More on Supergirls:
Danwei: The final week of TV sensation Super Voice Girls (summary of the 2005 show)
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Comments on Danwei TV 4: Super Girl Frenzy

Jeremy, what about a spotlight on the helmet?

Good idea, when we film in the dark!

Just thought you might like to know that this episode of Danwei TV is being used in my final oral presentation tomorrow for Chinese, which I've decided to do all about the super girls. The links in the other posts were very helpful.

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