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Danwei TV: A Hong Kong Story with Roland Soong

This installment of the Hard Hat Show features Roland Soong of ESWN, guiding us on a short literary quest in Hong Kong.

We are looking for real places that feature in Eileen Chang's (张爱铃) novella Love in a Fallen City (顷城之恋) which is set in Hong Kong. We find one of them in a rather surprising part of the island.

This is quite a tricky tale to tell in video: it's about literature and writing, but conveyed with the superficiality of the the moving image. Any mistakes or problems are Danwei's: Roland was an excellent guide.

The film is also available on Danwei TV.

There are links to a variety of different information about Eileen Chang on ESWN below.

Sexy Beijing is now on its own website: check the latest episodes at www.sexybeijing.tv

There are currently 11 Comments for Danwei TV: A Hong Kong Story with Roland Soong.

Comments on Danwei TV: A Hong Kong Story with Roland Soong

Interesting, but it's a little long. Would like to see more pictures of Chang herself.

Where can I get this book in English?

That wall was quite a let down, there wasn't even a brass plaque or shop selling miniature replicas and ice cream.

yes, it is a let down: that's sort of the point: Hong Kong is not taking its literary heritage too seriously.

Found some pictures. Love in a Fallen City just finished playing in Beijing:


Why did those chicks run off from doing an interview?
Obviously this wasn't in Hollywood.

"yes, it is a let down: that's sort of the point: Hong Kong is not taking its literary heritage too seriously."

They won't have much choice now - the public pressure on the government after that episode aired will be huge. In a few years hands of thousands of tourists will wear the wall thin. There will be not one but THREE shops selling replicas. A wealthy sheik in Dubai will offer to buy it for five tones of gold.

That's right, when important global media like Danwei TV start paying attention to Hong Kong's literary sins of omission, you know everyone from Li Kai-shing to Donald Tsang is going to start demanding immediate official recognition for that wall.

Roland Soong is a personal hero of mine both for his fantastic language abilities and his particular blogging style, so I'm awfully happy you did this piece.

I'd just like to echo Mike J above. I am really happy to see 2 of my most-oft read blog(gers) featured in a video clip together. Thanks for doing danwei TV!

Just another brick in the!

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